Master Certified Life Coach
30+ years of mentoring and coaching experience 
Available for In-person and virtual coaching 

Stacey Carver and her husband, Chad, have made Lovington, New Mexico, their cherished home, where they share their lives with an active household of cats and dogs. With their four children now grown, Stacey finds joy in her roles as a devoted mother and "Lolli" to five adventurous grandchildren, which keeps her heart filled with love and a bustling sense of activity.

In 2014, Stacey attained her degree in Christian Ministry and Counseling from Lincoln Christian University. Drawing from a rich and varied background that includes serving as a Children's Pastor, Hospice Chaplain, and co-founding the SheSozo Girls Ministry, her transition into the role of a Life Coach felt like the most natural of progressions. Rooted in her deep commitment to infuse her artistic spirit into her coaching practice, this passion and dream have been cultivated over many years. Stacey is motivated by her profound goals for her students - to empower them with lifelong tools, ensure that they all feel a warm sense of welcome and acceptance, and leave with a deeper newfound appreciation of their own values and abilities.

This unswerving dedication to her students finds tangible expression through her work with Fullness in the Family and the establishment of her own creative space, The Workroom. Stacey is brimming with enthusiasm and an unwavering readiness for whatever path God has in store for her next.

Stacey Carver

Creative Coaching is a unique class that combines the power of art and life coaching in a refreshingly down-to-earth way. Share the fun with friends and family as you explore the art of choosing mindsets and attitudes that foster positive growth in every aspect of your life.

In Creative Coaching, you can discover the fun of drawing and painting while you take time to reflect on the way you perceive yourself and others. With your own watercolor journal, indelible pens, and painting supplies that are provided, you will be guided through various concepts using the perfect blend of art and personal reflection.
Each class is specially geared toward the specific age of its attendees. From elementary ages to adults there are simple, yet timeless, teachings and techniques to help anyone transform how they take in life and use that information to create healthy and growth minded changes in their lives. 

The space created in the Workroom, allows for open conversations and idea-sharing with your fellow students. While fostering a supportive environment, you can explore different perspectives and uncover new insights together. In this collaborative experience, you can see the world through each other's eyes and thoughts.

Creative Coaching

Creative Coaching Art Class

Each Creative Coaching class is two months long (8) 1.5-hour weekly classes. Participants are grouped by age, with up to 10 students in each class.

Pricing: $50 per student per month + a $10 supply fee the first month

Siblings: a $5/month discount applies to each additional child from the same household

Supplies include: pen, watercolor journal, use of all materials in the studio

5 yrs - 3rd grade
1st & 3rd fridays of the month: 4pm

4th - 6th Grade
tuesdays: 4pm

7tH & 8th grade
Thursdays: 3:30pm

9th - 12th grade & Womens CLASs
wednesdays: 4pm



CHILD (7-12)

ADULT (13+)




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